Ramees Ali / founder of r-a-lab 

a structural engineer & designer with extensive national and international design experience. Born in Nilambur, India. He studied at the renowned Christ College in Bangalore. After completing his master’s in structural engineering, he has associated Reji Zachariah and Yacub Mohan George in Kochi. In 2016 he joined Macobo engineering in Dubai. He has experience working projects across India, UAE and Belgium.


r-a-lab | Ramees Ali + teamLAB is an inter-disciplinary practice specializing in design and engineering of buildings based in Manjeri, Malappuram. We are a fresh and motivated team of creatives. Our projects include custom homes, remodels, commercial buildings and conceptual designs. r-a-lab seeks fundamentals in architecture and engineering, integrates them into one cross-cultural design language. Each one of r-a-lab's projects takes care of peculiarities of each situation to achieve an architecture that belongs to the context and embody the qualities of economy, beauty, and craft. The r-a-lab team takes up both large and small projects and is always looking for new opportunities and challenges in designing. The r-a-lab team makes sure to materialize your visions and will strive to bring you nothing but the best. Please feel free to call and discuss your project with us. We look forward to hearing from you.